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Thuy Linh Bennett Kang was born in Vietnam to a Vietnamese mother and an American father. They fled war-torn Vietnam to America in 1975. Upon receiving her Bachelors in Art at the University of Florida, she taught high school art outside Chicago. Concurrently, Thuy Linh worked towards her Masters in Art Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
After years of working as a teacher, she relocated to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Thuy Linh’s love of working with children led her to volunteer her time at orphanages in Kazakhstan. She taught art to first graders at a grade school orphanage and assisted at a baby orphanage. Witnessing the plight of the orphans made her more motivated to explore her own history.
Her works explore the idea of isolation and the need to find meaning in the chaos of our minds - where our minds are constructs of our experiences and interpretations. Combine this with our own biology, and we create our divine.
Thuy Linh has exhibited internationally in Kazakhstan, Belgium, and The Netherlands, as well as throughout the United States. She participated in VIET STORIES: RECOLLECTIONS & REGENERATIONS at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, Yorba Linda, California.  This was collaboration with UC Irvine and Arts & Culture Specialist for the City of Santa Ana to explore the Vietnamese refugees' migration to America. She was represented by NYA Gallery in 2019 and her collections reside in Illinois, California, Florida, and The Netherlands. Currently, Thuy Linh is part of an artist co-op, Moraga Art Gallery, in California.

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